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We started teppique out of the belief that some carpets have more than one life. That is why we are always actively looking for precisely those unique pieces that have existed for decades and will remain with us for decades to come. We are firmly convinced that these sustainable one-offs will continue to have their finger on the pulse of time and will add warmth to your home. With their timeless charm, these carpets can give any living space the character it needs. It is important to us to preserve the cultural artifacts of the past (and not complain about the nice side effect of reducing waste). At the same time, we are aware that carpets should not only be functional and sustainable in their use, but should also be visually appealing. Only in this way does a room have that certain something and transform the living space into a home. We are happy to help you create a space that reflects you.

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We also believe that luxury doesn't have to be expensive. To do this, we rely on high-quality, durable materials and intelligent processes. It is important to recognize the handwork, as this is the true character of the carpet. To achieve this, we maintain relationships with many craftsmen and experts and pay fair prices.
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