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Picking A Vintage Rug

Picking A Vintage Rug

What Makes a Rug Vintage?

By definition, vintage describes an article of high-quality from the past. In the design world, antique and vintage aren’t necessarily used interchangeably. Vintage typically refers to an item that is approximately 25 to 50 years old. Older articles are classified as antiques. When shopping for a vintage rug, it is important to note the age of the rug in order to determine whether or not it is actually vintage. A rug may look vintage simply because it has seen better days and is in reality just about five to 10 years old.

Now that vintage is chic and trendy, it often comes with a price tag. An authentically vintage rug can run anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars and up depending on the size. Vintage style rugs (new rugs that copy vintage patterns and techniques), on the other hand, are much cheaper and easier to find.

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